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Surprise -- If you call yourself a follower of Jesus, he'd call you a missionary!

You may never go halfway around the world, but because of God's work in you, you are on mission. As everyday missionaries, God has sent us to live out his Great Commission in the ordinary, all-too-busy, and even mundane moments of our lives.

But what does an everyday missionary do?

Where and when does everyday mission happen?

How can you possibly share the gospel - without killing your relationships?

A Field Guide for Everyday Mission answers these and more for individuals, churches, groups, and organizations. Each day's reading includes an immediately practicable biblical principle and a few ways to help you live it out. By the end of Day 30, you'll have 101 different ways to demonstrate the gospel.

With stories from Steve Timmis, Jeff Vanderstelt, Mark DeYmaz, Mary DeMuth, Rick McKinley, and Lance Ford, pastors and practitioners Ben Connelly and Bob Roberts Jr. have created a tool for anyone ready to jump into the grace-filled mess of everyday mission.


"In A Field Guide for Everyday Mission Ben Connelly and Bob Roberts Jr. articulate the Christian mission and provide 101 helpful and practical steps to set about accomplishing this mission.  This book will benefit small groups, individuals and churches who are committed to reaching their communities for Christ. "

-Ed Stetzer, President, LifeWay Research, and author, Subversive Kingdom
"Bob Roberts and Ben Connelly have given the local church an incredibly helpful and practical guide to doing mission that will equip everyone from the seasoned practitioner to the brand new believer. It is simple and straightforward, yet it has the power to change both your neighborhood and the world for Christ."

-Matt Carter, Pastor of Preaching & Vision, The Austin Stone Community Church, and co-author, The Real Win
"Are you concerned about the state of the Church in the West today? Are you affected by the need of the World around us? Do you struggle to know what you should do about it personally? 

This book will challenge you to become a missionary, right where you live, and not leave evangelism to the so-called "professionals". 

You will find many captivating phrases like "people are not projects" and, "we introduce people to the things that are most important to us." Mingled with the inspiration and motivation are practical pointers, which will help you share Jesus with your friends, neighbours and colleagues. Reading this book could have eternal consequences."

-Adrian Warnock, blogger and author, Raised With Christ

“Believe it or not, a missing element in being missional is the ‘how’—or implementation—of the process. When push comes down to shove, we tend not to follow through for various reasons. Fortunately Ben Connelly and Bob Roberts, Jr. have addressed the ‘how’ of being missional, especially with their 101 Ways to Demonstrate the Gospel. While I like this book, this section was of particular value in that it put shoe leather on doing the gospel and being missional in the process. 

This is must-read material for the pastors and leaders who truly aspire to be incarnational in their missional communities.”

Aubrey Malphurs, Founder of the Malphurs Group, and Senior Professor of Leadership and Church Ministries, Dallas Theological Seminary

"Ben and Bob have written a helpful book that expands on the ideas that shape the missional church, primarily through stories and tangible practices. The resource they have created has the potential to serve church broadly and powerfully" 

- Todd Engstrom, Austin Stone Community Church
"Ben and Bob do a phenomenal job creating a practical guide for missional living with a mix of story, theology, and simple, effective ideas to engage culture and do good. The world will be a better place as we begin to practice these ideas in our daily life rhythms."

-Chris Marlow, founder and CEO, Help One Now

"In A Field Guide for Everyday Mission, Ben and Bob bring to the table different perspectives, different generations, different stories, and different experiences. But they are unified in something far deeper: a gospel-saturated, Spirit-reliant, urgency and passion for God's mission, which can be—and must be—carried out in more normal settings than most of us realize. 

My hope is that God uses this book to open eyes, change our collective posture toward God's call, and inspire many lives on mission, for the sake of the gospel."

- Jeff Vanderstelt, Visionary Leader, Soma Family of Churches

"If you find that "missional talk" can be a bit vague then this is the book for you. It’s an accessible guide to missional thinking. But even better, it will help put it into practice. It will show you what everyday mission can actually look like. Not every one of their 101 ideas will apply in your situation, but many of them will."

-Tim Chester, Director, The Porterbrook Network, and author, A Meal With Jesus
"A call to 'mission' can sometimes play upon guilty feelings about overwhelming needs and intimidating challenges. Instead, Ben and Bob invite us into a conversation on calling that helps us see that we participate in the mission of God everyday as we bear the image of His Son among our family, neighbors, coworkers, and communities near and far. 

They offer an idea book full of creative ways to pursue God's calling in our lives to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in word and deed, in the power of the Spirit! I urge you to give an ear to their conversation because in it you will hear voices echoing their Savior."

- Steven T. Vanderhill, President, Redeemer Theological Seminary
"I was always glad to support church missions but it took me many years to realize that I, too, had a mission.  This very practical book helped me connect the dots in my understanding of that mission and offered me a way to step forward in faith. A Field Guide for Everyday Mission is written for all of us who wonder how to talk about and live out our faith in a natural, winsome and God-honoring way." 

-Dale Hanson Bourke, author, The Skeptic's Guide series and Embracing Your Second Calling

"A warning to those who still see the missional church as a simple program. As Ben Connelly and Bob Roberts point out, the missional church involves transforming the existing culture, the lives of people and the life of a community for the sake of Jesus Christ. This is more than a ‘how to’ book. It's the pathway to deep and lasting transformation."

Rev. Ben Disney, Senior Minister, Arborlawn United Methodist Church, and Lead Consultant, Healthy Church Initiative, United Methodist Church

Ben Connelly

his wife Jess, and their kiddos Charlotte, Maggie, and Travis, live in Fort Worth, TX. He started and now co-pastors The City Church, part of the Acts29 network and Soma family of churches. With degrees from Baylor University and Dallas Theological Seminary, Ben teaches public speaking at TCU, writes for various publications, trains folks across the country, and blogs in spurts at benconnelly.net.

Dr Bob Roberts Jr.

 is the founding pastor of NorthWood Church in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and has been involved in the planting of over 175 congregations in the US. A leading practitioner of glocal transformation, Bob also works with church planting, development, and global engagement in Australia, Asia, Afghanistan, Mexico, and Nepal, and blogs at glocal.net. Bob is a graduate of Baylor University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Fuller Seminary. He and his wife Niki have two grown children, Ben and Jill.

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Field Training

This interactive training equips you and your people to display and declare the gospel in everyday ways and words. Based on the "5 W" Questions answered in A Field Guide for Everyday Mission, Ben Connelly leads the "Field Training" workshop in your city - customized to your time slot, your people’s needs, and your unique mission field. Once we find a date, you set the venue and specific topics; we bring materials and a book for each participant, and take care of our travel arrangements. It’s simple!    

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We had the opportunity to talk about everyday mission with Jeff Vanderstelt, Steve Timmis, Matt Carter, Helen Lee, and Dustin Willis, as well as everyday people, in everyday places, just like you. These videos are filled with personal stories, convicting encouragement, and applicable wisdom - enjoy!